Now that is the old time when people could not contact their long distance relationship.

Today through the internet, you can get ideas to connect using a lot of online platforms.

In this way, you just need to know something new and exciting long distance relationship ideas that work daily.

So, today in this blog we are going to share some funny and interesting ideas for LDR.

Long Distance Relationship Ideas in 2021 Beyond

If you talk about engaging tips for a couple during covid-19 there are hundreds of ideas and activities available that anyone can do.

But here is the matter of long-distance relationships so couples can use modern devices like smartphones that help them stay connected via online activities such as social media chatting, online video calling, pic sharing, and more.

The list of top 20 activities for LDR to get connecting-

1.Watch a Movie Together

couple watching movie

If you and your partner do not live for the same reason, then you don’t need to worry because there are many ways to enjoy it.

In this digital era, many online sites like Amazon prime, Netflix  enable you to watch the video, web series etc. That way, you can choose your romantic long distance relationship movies.

2.Plan Your Next Visit 

couple planning next dating

One of the most wanted long distance relationship ideas is to make an effort into planning your next visit. Because it can help you to give some expect, and make your reunion sweeter than ever, and help your visit go smoothly.

You should think to talk to each other about all of the fun, excitement, and romance as you are going to do. It will help you to keep on your interest in relationships in common.

Note Down : Now, we are going to tell you some online activities (Serial number 3 to 7) which will help long distance relationships stay connected even in lockdown due to any pandemic.

Couples can do these activities to engage their partner and can enjoy even in covid-19 crisis too.

3.Play Online Game

If you are in long distance love relationship there are thousands of games for couples that way you could play online together. Still, you are not satisfied?  There are various platforms like Sudoku puzzles so you can easily find one.

You can also use the game app that keeps the romance digitally alive. With the help of an online game advantage, you can keep your relationship ahead.

4.Call Each other Daily

If you talk about today’s era, then calling is common for couples, so you can call each other daily and share things about your current situation. It helps you to maintain your permanent relationship.

You should pre-planned for the time to call each other because sometimes it’s difficult while making calls. Besides, it is a good idea to engage each other for some time through calling.

5.Video Calling

man in video calling

It is not required that you always make only voice calls.

In today’s technology, you can talk to each other live by looking at the face at the same time. As you know that every time can’t make a video call, so, if you ask how many times a video call with your partner would be okay, then three to four times a week would be best for you both.
You can use several types of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype even more mobile apps and desktop applications. All these applications support the enabling video call features.

6.Use Social Media App

social media apps

If you are using social media apps, then you can connect with your partner at any time. In today’s time, there will be no couple whose mobile phone does not have social media. There are available more social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and more. With the help of these apps, you can share your activities in a moment.

7.Play Video Game

Both of you can play a video game online together. To do this you must have a headset of the best quality or you can purchase with online shopping sites.

Nowadays, there are many video games available that you can easily see and hear each other during playing time. This one is the best to make day and night fun. You can also create a group to join other people.

8.Planning a trip together

You must need to know about how to plan a trip? Preparing for a trip with your partner is a golden opportunity to understand your relationship. Couples are always excited about their trip, if the couple is in a long distance relationship, then this idea makes your union even sweeter.

If you are on vacation then you can easily plan together. This creates a time when you and your partner share their hopes and desires. Notably, there are even websites that provide you virtual trips together.

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9.Cook food with each other 

senior couple enjoying to cooking

Making a meal with each other you can make your evening or morning very romantic. You can decide for romantic date night recipes that you would both like to cook.

So, get ready with your phone or computer in your kitchen for browsing your favorite cookbooks or websites. If you can not physically reach each other, then this effort is a very good idea for both of you.

10.Both Do exercise together

Maybe a question always arises in your mind that “How do I get my partner to work out with me?” In case, if you are looking for a healthy long distance relationship, exercise is the best way to keep healthier relationships for a long way.

The advantages of exercising with your partner prop your minds, bodies, and relationship. There are available different types of apps that enable you to track each other’s movement, progress to stay fit.

11.Try Online Class Together

If both of you want to enhance your learning skills, then you can involve yourself in many types of massive online open courses like designing, singing-up, fitness classes, online workout courses, etc. In this way,  you and your partner can get in touch with each other by together learning new skills and hearing new ideas.

We recommend you join online cooking classes for couples to learn how to make a delicious recipe.

12.Send gifts to Each Other

girl getting the gift by boyfriend

If you are in a long distance relationship then sending gifts to each other is a big trend.

You can make the relationship between you more reliable by exchanging gifts with each other. If either of you likes flowers, then you can offer them a bunch of flowers.

13.Take Challenges

For this you have to set your goal such as running some miles, working to reduce your weight.

Apart from this, you can bet to decorate something which of the two will decorate you best. Then in the last, you can share your results. Add more other silly challenges like who can drink the most water in a day.

14.Read a Book

This is also the best idea to read a book, to do this you have to fix your time. You also should know how to read a book? How much time can you give to complete a chapter? Then you can talk about what you like and what you don’t like. In this way your partner will also share something with you that’s why you both will engage more with each other.


girl with wedding dress

In modern times you can coordinate for equal outfits to wear. Mean when you dress up then just click a picture with your costume and share it to the all social media platform or you can create a joint account to share with other followers.

16.Send packages

Sending packages is a good way to surprise your partner. Suppose your partner told you that I had seen a dress online and I like it so much, so send this dress as a surprise.

With this, you can also attach your love letter if your partner gets down feeling recently. In this way, let them know that you care for them.

17.Write a diary Together

If you and your partner have ever had the funniest moment or spent some time together at a famous place then you can write these all things in your diary to let you remember each other in the future. If you do this it will help you refresh your old happy memories.

18.Share Your Pic Each Other

girl sending picture her boyfriend

Sharing pics is the best idea for a long distance relationship. Several apps have great features that allow you to create photo albums of your happy memories.

In this way, you can store all your photos and songs. If you need to send any photo then just go to the album and choose the pic to share it.

19.Learn New Things

If you are spending time with your partner, you should discuss new things because this is the best way to share interesting ideas, information, news to get engaged with each other.

Here is no doubt that both of you love to hear new exciting facts. This way, you will learn more new even if you are in a long distance relationship.

20.Involve Him in Your Family Events

couple enjoying family event

Bringing your partner to your home is one of the best idea to make your long distance relationship trustworthy. If you are organizing any family events then this is the best chance to invite each other to visit your home.

This way, you can meet your partner with mom and other family members. This way you can trust each other for your relationship.

Conclusion – Finally, you have seen above all the long distance relationship ideas which we have explained in great detail in this blog. If you implement these ideas in your life then you can get closer in a long distance relationship for a long time.


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