how to help someone quit smoking

How to Make Someone Quit Smoking Without Letting Them Know?

Are you worried about your kids if someone smokes in the house? 

In this blog, proven ways will help you to change a smoker’s bad habit of cigarette cravings into good.

Some smokers are unaware of how many dangerous diseases are caused by smoking. Lung cancer is the most fatal of these diseases.

The World Heart Federation says that 6 million people die in a year caused by inhaling cigarette.

If we talk about female smokers’ heart disease, then it has increased by 25% compression to male smokers.

You might have been trying to make someone get freedom from nicotine addiction for a couple of months. 

Am I Right?

Hence, you know how difficult it is to persuade smokers to give up smoking to become quitter naturally.

I wanna ask you, for how long, you’re trying to persuade your friend or partner to quit smoking? 

Despite your refusal still, they are not ready to giving up cigarettes and other tobacco products. 

Do you know why you fail when you try to help someone to quit tobacco products for all time? (Even you helped them with full dedication)

Partly because of the lack of an ultimate guide about how to make someone stop smoking and partly because of the lack of support from anyone so that smokers didn’t succeed.

Some people also ask about the single best thing (or way) to do when they make the decision to give up smoking. 

So, I would say there is not only one thing that could help them to resist cigarette cravings quickly. 

As far as helping smokers to quit in such a quick way is concerned, It could be possible only when you will persuade them with love to control smoking anytime.

You know also it is tough to convince a smoker to reduce cravings for tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, bidis, etc.

That’s why you must need to know how to make someone quit smoking without them knowing.

In this article, we will discuss natural ways to help others resist tobacco cravings to completely get over nicotine addiction?

How to Convince a Smoker When Refuses to Giving up Smoking

First of all, you have to persuade smokers with patience and you have to talk to them politely about quitting cigarettes gradually. 

But, If you think getting someone to quit nicotine addiction is not possible then you are wrong. 

Because you know that helping a person quit inhaling cigarettes is a difficult task,


It doesn’t mean that it is impossible and it’s not like you can’t get rid of cigarette addiction.

As you know many smokers smoke in their homes too. 

That’s why their family members also want to know how to make a person quit smoking cigarettes in the house.

You can make it easy with the help of some simple instructions, you can help any smoker to get freedom from this addiction.

You can see the list of countries by cigarette consumption per capita from Wikipedia

If you talk about the percentage of inhaling cigarettes there are around 35% of adult women and 50% of adult men in the USA are addicted to smoking.

1. How Can You Support Someone to Help Quit Smoking?

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There are a lot of married people in the world (mostly in the United State) who just want to make their spouses quit smoking quickly without them knowing.

First of all you must know what things you should do and what you don’t do whether someone is trying to giving up smoking so that smokers can get motivation and support from you. 

If you do anything wrong then it can be tough for smokers to quit smoke.

What do’s and don’t do with quit smokers?


  • You should give respect and keep praising them for the decision making to leave it smoking, 


Now they want to change their life from bad to good habits.

  • You should try to make them positive for their future. If we do like that then it can help to boost their confidence level.
  • You should remove all the tobacco products and alcohol from your home and cars, and try to keep clean the environment around them. 

It means you have to keep your home smoke free.

  • Remove all those things from your home that remind them of smoking. 

Keep your home fresh using air fresheners to avoid tobacco smells.

  • Don’t get in touch with a person who offers you cigarettes and other tobacco products. 
  • Keep yourself away from other smokers and tell them don’t smoke when you go to meet them.


  • Don’t ask any critical questions while they are trying to give up smoking because it will remind them of the worst time.
  • Don’t be doubtful about the ability of smokers for their efforts to leave smoking cigarettes.

You should help them to boost their confidence that they can do it.

  • You should not give them any half chance to have smoke on any special occasion such as birthday party, marriage etc.

Here’s the Deal with Cravings:

EX-smokers can help you a lot to get real strategies about how to make your husband or partner ignore cigarettes to smoke. 

Because they can share their practical experience when they were trying to hold out against nicotine addiction.

You have to ask Ex-smokers about how they get success to resist tobacco cravings. 

In this way, you will come to know their natural ways to quit cigarettes, 

and ex-smokers can also help you to make it easier for them to give up these habits.

There are many tips and ideas out there for how to deal with cigarette cravings but it can be tough to tell which strategies will work and which isn’t. 

We have discussed through many Ex-smokers forums and communities to know actual techniques that worked extremely well for them to quit tobacco ways to help a spouse or partner cravings.

Here are pro tips from Ex-smokers about how to deal with tobacco cravings

is a need to change your routine for having coffee in the evening instead of morning time.

  1. Join the support  group of quitting smoking seekers

I would suggest you don’t get in touch with them who offer you cigarettes. 

You should join the group of quitters to know their ideas for quit cravings.

If you are connected with the Ex-smokers community then 

this is good for you because,

you will come to know the best information and so many tips that help you a lot for quitting.

Why Quit Smoking is Hard? How Can You Persuade Smokers to Quit?

How Can You Persuade Smokers to Quit

Before jumping to more successful quitting tips for smoking that work for smokers to get back good habits.

You should know why it’s hard to persuade your loved one or partner to stop smoking forever and what is the big reason behind it.


Nicotine is a big reason that’s why smokers don’t want to stop smoking because the consumption of nicotine makes them addicted to it.

Hence quitting is difficult for smokers to kick out smoking. 

In addition to the desire for a cigarette, withdrawal symptoms of tobacco may cause you uncomfortableness, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. 

And we know that a question must come in your mind: 

Why does nicotine make it difficult for a smoker to quit using cigarettes? 

Because, when someone smokes a cigarette, nicotine enters in their bloodstream via the lung’s membranes. 

After that it makes the way towards the heart then it’s transferred to arteries and up to the smoker’s brain.

If you want to get success to stop inhaling cigarettes then you have to follow instructions and the routine that will go along with it. 

With the help of the right way to quit planning, any smoker can kick out the cravings of tobacco or nicotine products.

What to do If Someone isn’t Ready to quit Cigarette Despite Refusal

Sometimes we often see some smokers don’t ready to give up smoking at any cost.

Even though you have tried a lot of effort to persuade them. 

Some people may be physically dependent on cigarettes. 

That’s why they don’t make a strong decision to quit.   

But you don’t worry because we can understand that every smoker may not be ready to quit even if they want to give up smoking. 

What to do: 

Convince him to say that if they would give up to smoke then he can get a healthy and better life.

Tell smokers if any problems arise after quitting you will support them. 

You would suggest that they limit their smoking to only one place instead of anywhere.

Get in touch with former smokers to get valuable advice.

quit smoking quote

Developing Willpower and Self Control to Help Quit Smoking

Willpower is the most important factor for preparing yourself to leave smoking. 

Many smokers feel doubt when they think about quitting but don’t worry because lack of willpower is common.

If you are looking to boost your mental strength and want to make sure about quitting you have to focus on the genuine reasons that are pushing you to quit smoke.   

Start to develop your willpower to make a quick decision for stop smoking

  1. Try to train your willpower as your muscle because as per lifting a dumbbell to strengthen your arm muscles, with the same way you can increase your strength of willpower also.
  1. I would recommend you to keep doing the best practices for your willpower strategies before starting to quit smoking. 
  1. In this way, you will feel better and more prepared to face situations when you stop smoking. 
  • You should take a walk every morning
  • Checking yourself to one helpful treat per week.

Below we have given two main pieces of advice that will initially help you to make it easy to leave smoking.

Create Your Own Stop Smoking Plan

As you know that if you’re going to start any work you have to make a plan for it. 

So, here you will need to get ready to make your stop smoking plan. 

If you want to do something better, then you need to plan accordingly. 

It can help you a lot for quit smoking practice.

Spent time to ask yourself

Take some time to question yourself why and what is the reason that produces the idea of smoke and which kind of smoker you are. 

Now find the moment when you think to have a cigarette. 

Because these will help you to point out which tactics and tips will be most useful for you.

  • Are you a well-known smoker(It means you’re using smoke any time at a public place) 


Are you a social smoker?

  • Do you have a specific reason or are there any activities or people you connected with smoking? 


Do you smoke after dinner or whenever you go for snack time?

  • Do you feel the need to smoke whenever you’re feeling headache or stress? 


When you feel that you are alone and not someone with you?

If you are getting help and support from someone that could relate to you, would making health changes seem less difficult? 

So now, if you’re ready to stop smoking, these tips will help you to change your bad habit of cigarettes into a good habit and it will make your life full of happiness and healthy.

At the end of this article, we will talk about what happens (a timeline) to your body when you are quitting to smoke and what to do in this situation.

6 Actionable Tips for Smokers to Make Life Smoke Free

Actionable Tips for Smokers to Make Life Smoke Free

As we mentioned before, we will discuss successful tips to quit smoking, so that time has come now. 

Now we will talk about the most successful steps to stop smoking. Let’s see at below:

  • Set a quit date to prepare

Some smokers want to dive to just quit nicotine products but they don’t have any strategy. 

As you know that big changes come into life when you work with pre planning. 

So, we will recommend to smokers to intentionally think about setting the time and date for leave to smoke and it should be strategic.

  • Change your lifeStyle

You have to change other activities in your lifestyle. It means to change your schedule of daily life and habits. 

Use a different time to eat your meal with a small amount.

Make yourself satisfied with your new habits in other ways. 

Eat celery or another low-calorie snack. Use to chew sugarless gum. Do more exercise regularly. 

If you exercise then it will help you in relieving smoke.

  • Talk to your family members, friends about your plan to quit

This is important to let your family members know to get their full support,

Because the decision to stop inhaling cigarettes is the best for your healthy life and no one can interrupt you. 

You have to convince other smokers that you are trying to giving up smoking, even request them not to smoke in front of you.

  • Ready to face the challenges while quitting smoking  

Actually when you start to inhaling cigarettes, some people make jokes on you. 

When you go to any party then other smokers force you to smoke but you have to face these kinds of challenges.

  • Don’t use alcohol and other tobacco products  

If you’re in the period of quit smoking you should not use any other alcoholic and tobacco products. 

If you have a habit to smoke after getting lunch or dinner, find more activities to do instead. 

It means you can use a toothbrush to clean your teeth, start to chat with someone or take a walk for some time. 

Get rid of all your cigarettes just before the quit date. 

Clean anything that smells of smoke, such as clothes and furniture.

  • Take advice from doctor to getting help for quit smoking

Take an appointment with a doctor to get help more with withdrawal symptoms. He will suggest to you the right option.  

If you don’t want to go to any doctors there are many products that you can easily buy from your local pharmacy nicotine inhaler, nicotine gum and champix etc. 

What are Side Effects When Quit to Smoking Cigarettes 

  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Increased appetite and weight gain
  • Intense cravings for nicotine
  • Irritability, frustration, and anger
  • Headaches and nausea
  • Coughing and sore throat
  • Anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Constipation

Which Foods and Drinks Can Help Smokers During Quit Smoking?

Which Foods and Drinks Can Help Smokers

On the other hand, foods are most important for smokers when they are trying to leave cigarettes.

In my experience, we often see most smokers don’t even think about the foods that could be helpful for quitters.

Which is also helpful as a natural way to get rid of nicotine cravings. 

There are a lot of benefits of foods when you are in the quitting period for cigarettes.

When quitters deal with cigarette cravings they go for a walk or try to keep themselves busy. 


Use the phone, but you can also use the food and drinks for the same purpose of reducing the amount you smoke.

Foods and Drinks that Worth to Use in Quit Smoking Days

When you’re facing tobacco craving then eating is the right thing which can make quitting a little easier. 

Below we have discussed some foods and drinks that are so beneficial for quitters when they are trying to ignore smoke craving.


Because milk is a major source of potassium, B12, calcium, vitamin D, and protein. 

Being a dairy product, drinking milk could be a useful tip to resist tobacco products. 

So, we would suggest you drink the milk and consume other dairy products when you’re dealing with cigarette craving because milk helps to make the cigarettes taste bad.


Vegetables are another great option to eat regularly during kickback smoking. 

There are two benefits of eating vegetables. 

The first one is, it will help to keep your body fit and the second one is it will help you to reduce the appeal of craving cigarettes.

Gum and Mints:

Assume that your mouth is empty and you want to have a cigarette but this is your quitting smoking period then what would you do. 

I would suggest you chew sugar free gum and mints because it will keep your mouth busy when you have an urge to smoke.  

Plus, gum and mints will take longer than it does to smoke a cigarette.

Fresh Fruits:

Everyone knows that fresh fruits contain such a mix of vitamins and high amounts of fiber that help to make your body full of energy.

On the other hand it helps to cut down your cravings to grab a lighter as well.

So, fruits are a rich source of energy to store in your body. Here are some best fruits to help leave it smoking-

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Avocado
  • Jalapeno
  • Squash
  • Pineapple
  • Oranges
  • Pomegranate

What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking? A Timeline

what happens after quitting cigarettes

As we all know, inhaling cigarettes is a bad habit because it damages our lungs.

If you smoke per day then there is no doubt that you’re increasing the chances of developing cancer and heart disease. 

Read below about what happens after kickback smoking: 

In 20 Minutes

  • You will not go for polluting the air
  • Now your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal way
  • The temperature of your hands and feet will increase

8 Hour

  • Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels return to normal in your blood
  • Oxygen level will improve and increase in your blood

24 Hour

  • Carbon monoxide and Nicotine passed from the body
  • Decrease the chances of heart attack

 48 Hour

  • Desire to taste and smell begins to return

1-3 Months

  • Improvement in your lungs function and circulation
  • Now easy to exercise and walking

1-9 Months

  • You will feel no shortness of breath and cough less
  • Sinus and fatigue will have reduced and overall energy level increase


  • 60% of chances will have reduced to develop heart related disease 


  • The risk of suffering a stroke has reduced that of someone who has never smoked


  • The risk of dying due to various types of heart disease now will have reduced to that of a non-smoker.

Smoking is one of the worst addictions in human life.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got the best tips to help a friend or anyone to leave it smoking. 

As of now, reading this article, you won’t need dozens of efforts to make someone quit inhaling cigarettes. 

Because we have mentioned all the ways that smokers always want to know to become a quitter forever. So, what are you looking for Go ahead!

family celebrating new year's eve party at home

Way to Celebrate to New Year’s Eve Function at Home

Another fresh New year is here…
Another year to live!
To banish, worry, doubt and fear,
To love, and laugh and give!

A great blessing of God because you enjoyed last year full of happiness so now planning to organize a new year’s eve party to celebrate with your family at home.

Let’s welcome the coming year 2022 with a lot of hope and with best wishes.

On the day 31st of December, we celebrate the final Eve of the year to say “GOODBYE” and say “WELCOME” to the latest year with a lot of joy.

Are you excited to celebrate the new year? If you’re with your family members then you must think about how you can make it special Eve at home forever.

If you didn’t celebrate the party of last night of previous ever, we will talk about creative ideas to easily help you to plan your best function at home.

Perfect Ideas to Organize New Year’s Eve Party at Home

happy man thinking ideas

First of all, I would like to share my experience with all of you guys!

So, what’s that? 👇

A few years ago, a family invited me to join a new year function which was organized by them in their house.

It was the first time that I got an invitation like this occasion because we had never celebrated any function like this.

I visited their home with my wife and daughter.

Now I can see a lot of family members and children were enjoying the party and some guys were performing fun activities with kids as well.

After enjoying the party, both me and my wife were so happy and that time we realized it was such a fun night.

Now both of us started to think for planning a new year’s sunset celebration at our home from next year.

Since then, I have started to celebrate the final evening of the 31st of December with my family.

Things to Consider When Arrange New Year’s Eve At Home

Sometimes you think to give invitations to you friends, colleagues, team of company where you currently work and many other relatives too.

So in this case, you think from many angles to make a successful new years eve celebration ever.

Are you going to organize a successful party to celebrate on the 31st of December?

We have mentioned below the top 5 ideas to consider when you’re going to invite your guests for the successful Year’s Eve party to come to the home.

Prepare Friends List to Invite for New Year Celebration at Home

Without making a pre-plan for the celebration it can be uncomfortable.

Let’s say how many friends or guest do you have that you want to invite to them?

In this way, you have to make a guest list that you would like to invite them.

I would recommend you to use your creativity to design invitations by yourself.

You should try to make your unique invitation elegant (or use invitations templates for the new year) and it should be colorful with all the schedules regarding the festivity timing, venue, etc.

It will help you to give a stylish touch to your party and be sophisticated as well.

You Have to Customize Your New Year’s Eve Party

If you want to give your party a personal touch then this is essential to buy decorations focused on a selective idea.

If you do like this then you can request your friends to come with a dress according to the chosen theme by you.

Maybe you already have any special color planned in your mind.

Overall I want to say draw your party in a classic way of beauty that’s why your guests will remember it for a long time.

So, it will be possible only when you will make sure to set out a suitable time to purchase the essential decorations.

Get Prepared Your Space in Your Home to Celebrate NYE Party

If you are planning a new year’s evening party at home you have to make some more space in your home.

It means you should remove any shifted luggage from there and after the party celebration, you can shift those things again.

If any guest requests you to dance with him or if you’re keen to dance with a particular guest.

So, What to do? 👇

You may need to make enough space for dancing.

Add Some Fun Activities to Give the Party Amazing Touch

fun activities in party

Yes, It is essential because..

This is one of the best parts of any party celebrations because fun activities give the whole celebrations a final touch.

If you talk about fun activities, I would recommend the best fun activity known as the name game.

In this game, all guests need to write some names on a paper(slip) after these papers will gather in a large basket.

These names could be anything such as celebrities, traditional characters.

You can write even the name of any person who is involved in the eve celebration.

Now, each guest will give a clue to each other to tell the name which is already written on the slip of paper.

If you want to track the points then you can do it otherwise enjoy the fun of the game.

You can find out more fun new year’s eve activities which perfect for kids or adults.

7 Things Must Do in the New Year’s Eve Celebration

10 things to do during party

As you know that a lot of things have to be taken care for the last night function of the year at home.


There are some important things that if you do not care, your party will not be memorable.

1. New Year Party Theme Ideas

I think this is the main step to have a fancy theme to celebrate any type of party.

Simply choose the unique party theme ideas for New Year’s Eve that can inspire your guests.

2. Plan About Sweet

If I talk about my experience there are two main spikes at a party, the first one is desert and the second one is booze. 

You should combine these two things like a spiked eggnog bundt cakewhiskey ice cream floats

3. Write Your New Year Wishes in a Paper

If you didn’t think about your hopes and aspirations for the coming new year let’s start to think about that, OK.


It would be best when you are with your friends or family.
Let’s ask me why?

Because, before the party begins you can invite each person to write their one or two goals that they want to achieve in the coming year.

To do this you need medium size jar with blank pieces of paper every person will write his goals and put them in the jar.

If you do so with the same friend’s group who involve every year your party, then you can see how far you’ve all come next year.

4. Make Photo Props!

With the help of some fun party props you can take photo booth to the next level.

5. Prepare Perfect Backdrop

If you are thinking about the throw festive party for new year’s evening, DIY photo backdrop is essential for you.

So, what to do to create this,

To do this you should read this article about how to make a DIY party backdrop provided by smart party planning. 

6. String Lights & Candles

When you have managed the shimmering light your party will get an even more awesome touch.

That’s why, more twinkling lights, are the better. You can turn off the dazzling lights and let the fairy lights out.

But be careful,

We suggest you keep children away from the flame of real candles.

If you don’t want to take this risk, then you can easily buy a bulk pack of battery-powered tea lights.

7. Do Something Funny

On this night, you can enjoy yourself by doing many more fun things.

  • Set fire to the sky
  • Create your own crackers

Note: If any member of your family lives in other countries you can engage them by long distance relationship ideas. And there are many social media platforms available to connect online. 

Way to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Family

With the sun falling under the range and the clock’s needle ticking away to celebrating midnight, the world gets gradually enveloped in a fit of zeal and joy.

Now we will talk about how you can enjoy new year eve gathering your family at home.

First of all let’s see some inspiration quote about importance of family time-

‘‘If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.’’ — Mother Teresa

‘‘Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.’’ — Michael J. Fox

Keep in mind that the new year is the best occasion to make it your resolution to spend more quality family time at home.

Considering to celebrate a party to welcome the new year with family is an amazing time of your life.

There are a lot of activities you can arrange at home.

Here are some creative ideas to celebrate welcome year with family at home:

How celebrate New Year’s Eve with Family at Home

I would suggest you give the first priority to your children if you are going to celebrate the new year.

Because you can enjoy this celebration with your young children at 7 or 8 p.m. instead of midnight otherwise they will fall asleep.

You have to find a new year’s eve party game for kids and then gather all the children to play this entertaining party game.

Watch Favorite Shows With Your Family Members

You know the current time a lot of tv shows are available out there.

It means you can watch one of the best tv shows by family member’s choice.

There are a lot of resources like Netflix that you can easily purchase your favorite shows and web series to watch online with the family at home under one roof.

long distance relationship ideas

20 Long Distance Relationship Ideas Help Couples Stay Connected

Now that is the old time when people could not contact their long distance relationship.

Today through the internet, you can get ideas to connect using a lot of online platforms.

In this way, you just need to know something new and exciting long distance relationship ideas that work daily.

So, today in this blog we are going to share some funny and interesting ideas for LDR.

Long Distance Relationship Ideas in 2021 Beyond

If you talk about engaging tips for a couple during covid-19 there are hundreds of ideas and activities available that anyone can do.

But here is the matter of long-distance relationships so couples can use modern devices like smartphones that help them stay connected via online activities such as social media chatting, online video calling, pic sharing, and more.

The list of top 20 activities for LDR to get connecting-

1.Watch a Movie Together

couple watching movie

If you and your partner do not live for the same reason, then you don’t need to worry because there are many ways to enjoy it.

In this digital era, many online sites like Amazon prime, Netflix  enable you to watch the video, web series etc. That way, you can choose your romantic long distance relationship movies.

2.Plan Your Next Visit 

couple planning next dating

One of the most wanted long distance relationship ideas is to make an effort into planning your next visit. Because it can help you to give some expect, and make your reunion sweeter than ever, and help your visit go smoothly.

You should think to talk to each other about all of the fun, excitement, and romance as you are going to do. It will help you to keep on your interest in relationships in common.

Note Down : Now, we are going to tell you some online activities (Serial number 3 to 7) which will help long distance relationships stay connected even in lockdown due to any pandemic.

Couples can do these activities to engage their partner and can enjoy even in covid-19 crisis too.

3.Play Online Game

If you are in long distance love relationship there are thousands of games for couples that way you could play online together. Still, you are not satisfied?  There are various platforms like Sudoku puzzles so you can easily find one.

You can also use the game app that keeps the romance digitally alive. With the help of an online game advantage, you can keep your relationship ahead.

4.Call Each other Daily

If you talk about today’s era, then calling is common for couples, so you can call each other daily and share things about your current situation. It helps you to maintain your permanent relationship.

You should pre-planned for the time to call each other because sometimes it’s difficult while making calls. Besides, it is a good idea to engage each other for some time through calling.

5.Video Calling

man in video calling

It is not required that you always make only voice calls.

In today’s technology, you can talk to each other live by looking at the face at the same time. As you know that every time can’t make a video call, so, if you ask how many times a video call with your partner would be okay, then three to four times a week would be best for you both.
You can use several types of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype even more mobile apps and desktop applications. All these applications support the enabling video call features.

6.Use Social Media App

social media apps

If you are using social media apps, then you can connect with your partner at any time. In today’s time, there will be no couple whose mobile phone does not have social media. There are available more social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and more. With the help of these apps, you can share your activities in a moment.

7.Play Video Game

Both of you can play a video game online together. To do this you must have a headset of the best quality or you can purchase with online shopping sites.

Nowadays, there are many video games available that you can easily see and hear each other during playing time. This one is the best to make day and night fun. You can also create a group to join other people.

8.Planning a trip together

You must need to know about how to plan a trip? Preparing for a trip with your partner is a golden opportunity to understand your relationship. Couples are always excited about their trip, if the couple is in a long distance relationship, then this idea makes your union even sweeter.

If you are on vacation then you can easily plan together. This creates a time when you and your partner share their hopes and desires. Notably, there are even websites that provide you virtual trips together.

Best Travel Agency in India – Make My Trip

Best Travel Agency in USA – Travel Leaders

9.Cook food with each other 

senior couple enjoying to cooking

Making a meal with each other you can make your evening or morning very romantic. You can decide for romantic date night recipes that you would both like to cook.

So, get ready with your phone or computer in your kitchen for browsing your favorite cookbooks or websites. If you can not physically reach each other, then this effort is a very good idea for both of you.

10.Both Do exercise together

Maybe a question always arises in your mind that “How do I get my partner to work out with me?” In case, if you are looking for a healthy long distance relationship, exercise is the best way to keep healthier relationships for a long way.

The advantages of exercising with your partner prop your minds, bodies, and relationship. There are available different types of apps that enable you to track each other’s movement, progress to stay fit.

11.Try Online Class Together

If both of you want to enhance your learning skills, then you can involve yourself in many types of massive online open courses like designing, singing-up, fitness classes, online workout courses, etc. In this way,  you and your partner can get in touch with each other by together learning new skills and hearing new ideas.

We recommend you join online cooking classes for couples to learn how to make a delicious recipe.

12.Send gifts to Each Other

girl getting the gift by boyfriend

If you are in a long distance relationship then sending gifts to each other is a big trend.

You can make the relationship between you more reliable by exchanging gifts with each other. If either of you likes flowers, then you can offer them a bunch of flowers.

13.Take Challenges

For this you have to set your goal such as running some miles, working to reduce your weight.

Apart from this, you can bet to decorate something which of the two will decorate you best. Then in the last, you can share your results. Add more other silly challenges like who can drink the most water in a day.

14.Read a Book

This is also the best idea to read a book, to do this you have to fix your time. You also should know how to read a book? How much time can you give to complete a chapter? Then you can talk about what you like and what you don’t like. In this way your partner will also share something with you that’s why you both will engage more with each other.


girl with wedding dress

In modern times you can coordinate for equal outfits to wear. Mean when you dress up then just click a picture with your costume and share it to the all social media platform or you can create a joint account to share with other followers.

16.Send packages

Sending packages is a good way to surprise your partner. Suppose your partner told you that I had seen a dress online and I like it so much, so send this dress as a surprise.

With this, you can also attach your love letter if your partner gets down feeling recently. In this way, let them know that you care for them.

17.Write a diary Together

If you and your partner have ever had the funniest moment or spent some time together at a famous place then you can write these all things in your diary to let you remember each other in the future. If you do this it will help you refresh your old happy memories.

18.Share Your Pic Each Other

girl sending picture her boyfriend

Sharing pics is the best idea for a long distance relationship. Several apps have great features that allow you to create photo albums of your happy memories.

In this way, you can store all your photos and songs. If you need to send any photo then just go to the album and choose the pic to share it.

19.Learn New Things

If you are spending time with your partner, you should discuss new things because this is the best way to share interesting ideas, information, news to get engaged with each other.

Here is no doubt that both of you love to hear new exciting facts. This way, you will learn more new even if you are in a long distance relationship.

20.Involve Him in Your Family Events

couple enjoying family event

Bringing your partner to your home is one of the best idea to make your long distance relationship trustworthy. If you are organizing any family events then this is the best chance to invite each other to visit your home.

This way, you can meet your partner with mom and other family members. This way you can trust each other for your relationship.

Conclusion – Finally, you have seen above all the long distance relationship ideas which we have explained in great detail in this blog. If you implement these ideas in your life then you can get closer in a long distance relationship for a long time.